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Why Can’t I Let Go of My Ex and Move On?

Moving On

You’re Not Going Crazy

It’s frustrating isn’t it! You broke up months ago, perhaps even years ago, and you still can’t stop thinking about him or her. You know it’s for the best and you want to put the past behind you.

It’s not like it was all that great when you were together. You may even be in a new relationship, a healthier and more satisfying relationship. Yet you still feel haunted by memories and feeling like you want him/her back. You keep saying to yourself, “this is ridiculous,” – but it just doesn’t go away.

It can almost feel like you’re losing your mind. You probably feel like you are two different people, living two different lives: one with your past and one with your present. You may be having dreams about your ex that feel so real that it takes you a while to regain your composure when you wake up in the morning. You feel unfaithful to your current love and totally confused. Someone may have told you that your subconscious reveals what you really want, and now you think that no matter how great your dreams are, your reality is not that way.


Unhealthy Attachments

If you gave your heart to another and made him/her the center of your existence then you are in bondage. This is especially true if you were sexually intimate with that person.

Sex makes us become spiritually one and creates a bond that is not broken by simply deciding to separate from one another.

You can know that you have an unhealthy attachment if:

  • You cannot stop thinking of the person
  • You feel drawn to knowing how they’re doing
  • You have recurring dreams about the person
  • You feel completely unable to break free from your attachment
  • You are obsessed with following him/her on Facebook or Twitter

Does this sound like you?

If so, don’t lose hope. There is a way to break free and we want to help you do so.  Read on to find out more.

We’ve been there and know the pain you are suffering,

Mark and Tammy