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I Try to Change – So Why Can’t I?

Breaking Free from Past

Unable to break free from your past?

Perhaps, even since a young child you have been locked into patterns of behavior and find yourself unable to break free from them. You are able to hang on or let go for a while, but eventually you are back in the same rut.

There are times when we make every attempt to change only to find ourselves stuck in a vicious cycle of repeating the same unhealthy patterns and responses over and over again.

People will tell us there is a difference between wanting to change and trying to change.

Sometimes we wish things were different but we are unwilling to adjust our behavior. It’s easier to keep on doing what we’ve always done, saying what we’ve always said, and believing what we’ve always believed.

Albert Einstein once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Eventually we may develop a “victim mentality” – a hopelessness that traps us. If your words or thoughts sound something like this, then you’re probably stuck in a victim mentality:

  • “It’s not my fault.”
  • “It’s just the way I am.”
  • “I can’t help it.”
  • “It is what it is.”

This chronic inability to change may be due to addiction.

The definition of addiction is: a strong or harmful need to regularly have something or do something. It is the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. You may find you are unable to change because you are addicted.

So–chances are good that you already know all of this. You may have even sought help or accountability. But there is something you may not have ever heard about and it may be the underlying reason for your inability to sustain a healthy lifestyle and make positive progress in your life. You may have made an inner vow.

There is much to be said about inner vows.  Learn more about what inner vows are and how they affect you by reading on.

Keep going—this is new and we believe it will be very helpful to you.

Mark and Tammy Endres