We have had the honor of serving and helping others from a variety of Christian backgrounds. Here are a few snippets of what they have had to say about Hand of Jesus Ministries.

Mark and Tammy,

I come to you in tears, but tears of clarity. For a while I felt lost and very unfulfilled. I lost my job in April, became very vulnerable and sought to fill this void with my ex … who has moved on and has 2 kids. I literally couldn’t figure out why I felt so lost. I had no ambition to do things I loved or used to enjoy, as well as do things to get me out of this slump. I came across your article and free eBook about Ungodly Soul Ties and it all made sense. When I read: ‘but your attachment to the past is robbing you of fulfillment in what you have now.’ This is exactly what I was doing, living in the past, harboring experiences I’ve had with my ex (only noting the good) and therefore creating a longing for him when deep down inside I knew it wasn’t right. I come here to tell you, Thank You. Thank You for helping me pinpoint what has been the cause of this sense of loss and lack of fulfillment.

I was nearing the end of this book and had been crying because of it. My husband walks in and says, “You’ve been crying, look at that whole bowl full of kleenex, you shouldn’t read books like that.” I said, “That’s the sign of a really good book!” So, yes, this was a really good book. In fact this was the most gut wrenchingly honest book I’ve ever read in my life. Why do I say that? Because these authors are sharing their raw emotions and questions concerning God in the midst of their trials and not only the lessons that they’ve learned on the “other side” of things. This book is all about handling disappointments in God, how to wait for answers, how to hang on to promises from God, how to deal with your emotions and how to be honest about them. The entire book is one example after another of real life incidents, their real thoughts, their real emotions, their real prayers. Included are quotes from other trusted well-known leaders and authors, such as Graham Cooke, Bob Sorge, Bill Johnson and John and Paula Sandford. These quotes helped clarify some of the lessons learned but the real meat and learning was straight from the authors’ own stories and experiences. Reading this book was an experience for me. It helped me sort through some of my own disappointments in God and truly answered some questions that I had about unanswered prayers and about the process and timing of waiting for answers to come. I highly recommend this book to any Christian who has ever dealt with disappointment and wants to know how to stay in faith while waiting for a promise to manifest itself. This book deals mostly with physical healing but everything could easily apply to any other area of life. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Charisma House Publishers through their blogging for books program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Mark and Tammy!

First, let me start by saying that I NEVER send e-mails like this. The Holy Spirit led me to your book. I’ve been extremely blessed by all the confirmation I am getting. I bought the book yesterday and I’m on the last chapter!!!! I don’t read through things that quickly, but I couldn’t put it down! So much healing is taking place that I didn’t know I needed! All I can say is wow! I am encouraged to pray for you now as I truly believe God wants to show off for you and for me as well! He’s insane like that, but that’s why I choose to trust Him! Thank you for your obedience in writing this book and sharing some intimate things. I may have been the one person on the planet that God needed to reach through it. I believe your promise has already been fulfilled. God is just waiting for the perfect time to show off. That’s one of my favorite things about Him. There’s never a dull moment. Be Amazed K.C.

Mark and Tammy!

I wanted to let you know that 2 of my friends who had stage 4 cancer have been healed!! One of them was truly close to going to Heaven and now she is vibrant, praying for everyone she can and is daily about God’s work. I also wanted to tell you, Mark, about my daughter. You and I prayed for her because she had been diagnosed with diseased fallopian tubes and was told by the doctor that she must have them removed. She and her husband wanted so badly to have babies between them to raise up in the Lord. She had another test done to see if any changes had come and her tubes and ovaries and everything else are perfect!!!!!! Praise God! She had a miracle healing! She had the previous pictures to show the comparison. We are now waiting for God to continue their testimony of miracle as we wait for her to become pregnant. I will let you know. Please pray with us for this! PS – I pray that many will buy your book and be greatly blessed by it! Blessings

Thank you, thank you, thank you Tammy and Mark! You have helped me define my hurts, my judgments, and my unhealthy and healthy ties to people in my life. I couldn’t live, think or love through the difficulties I’m facing right now without your help. I have released myself and other people and we are now free to be all God has made us to be. God has healed and blessed so much through you! I am strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. I am unencumbered by fears. Alleluia!

Most of my adult life I have struggled with anxiety, fear and unworthiness. The more I draw near to God, and the more Mark & Tammy have led me, the reasons for these struggles have become obvious, and easier to face head on. I’m having trouble putting into words the impact that this couple has had on me. I have no doubt that God plopped them right down in my life at the perfect time. They have taught me about ungodly soul ties, and how to address them. I have felt the freedom of truly confessing my sins and asking for forgiveness. I have felt love from someone who doesn’t know me well and “should” judge me harshly based on what they know, but in fact have done the opposite, they have simply loved me. I was invited into Mark and Tammy’s home after an especially hard week; I was in awe when Mark prayed over all us with authority before we started talking. The safety I felt was unmatched. Since leaving their home that day, something in me has changed. I’m starting to get what peace is and feels like. I’m starting to understand what it means to be forgiven and accept forgiveness. I’m learning how to forgive!! Satan’s little schemes have become more obvious to me and frankly more of an annoyance than anything. I know there will be more hard times, I know that fear, anxiety and unworthiness MIGHT pop up again. But I know GOD is so much bigger than any of that. And I know that having people like Tammy and Mark to pray with can help get me through anything.

Mark & Tammy,

I wanted to just say thank you for all your help. I know you do it in obedience to the Lord and freely you received, so freely you give. I will be grateful forever to you both, thank you so much. You showed me how to pray from a Godly perspective and ways to remove myself from unhealthy physical and emotional attachments with others. Without your help I would have fell right back into the world & back into the sin I am healing from. You both have been sent by God to me, I’m sure of that. There have been all kinds of healing and cleansing that has taken place. I could have never arrived to this place of an intimate relationship with my Father in heaven without your help. Thank you!

Mark & Tammy,

thank you so much for your incredible ministry. Together, you provided us with a safe place to unpack our hurts and wounds – both individually and as a married couple. We both brought brokenness into our marriage, but never really understood it because it lay in a dark, dormant place for so long. In the past, we had applied biblical approaches that were correct in principle, but came nowhere near meeting us in the deepest of places. Your Spirit-led insights, tender mercies, devotion to seeing us through and commitment to serving the Lord with your gifts continues to bless us as we navigate through this healing season.

Everyone who dares to truly seek God has a promise they are waiting for! Your honest and open words are life giving and thirst quenching! We who wait get convinced that we are the only ones awkwardly struggling! Thank you! Your vulnerability allows me to continue my awkward waiting with joy knowing I am still loved by my Father! I want everyone to hear your words, receive your prayers and read your book!

When Heaven Seems Silent.  I do want to share with you, though, some specifics of how God used it with me. It came along when I had reached my lowest point ever in my life with God.  I knew He answered prayers; I knew He worked; I knew He was probably doing something, but I couldn’t see and I’d gotten to the place where I wasn’t asking Him for much of anything; I just didn’t have any hope.  And THEN I got your book! I cannot tell me how your book ministered to me.  God used it to begin to restore my  hope in Him.  I can’t tell you how it helped me!! Love to both of you and big hugs.  And thank you SO much for the book; and for writing!