Mark & Tammy EndresWe are deeply grateful for the personal healing we’ve received

We believe and have discovered that when a person changes his/her thinking to line up with God’s word, then bitterness and resentment release their grip and make room for freedom and joy to flow from the heart.

Hand of Jesus Ministries

Our ministry began when a long lost friend found us and asked if we could pray with her over some difficult circumstances she was facing. We felt led by the Holy Spirit to take her through “inner healing” by helping her identify how her past was affecting her present circumstances.

Soon others approached us and we found ourselves ministering to individuals and couples in this same way. During this time we were also writing our first book: When Heaven Seems Silent.

We began receiving invitations to speak when people read our story. We seek to be faithful to walk through the doors that God is opening, fully aware of our complete dependence on Him.

How inner healing fits into our calling:

Inner healing removes obstacles (external) and blockages (internal) that hinder our intimacy with the Father.

With hearts that are repentant of sin and firmly rooted in the biblical truth of God’s goodness, we have the capacity to believe for the impossible.

Our 3-fold purpose:

  1. Healing of a person’s relationship with God:

We seek to be a hand through which Jesus can show Gods’ goodness in the midst of pain, disappointment and doubt. We listen to the Holy Spirit as we teach how to: hear God’s voice, hold on to hope, embrace your promises, treasure the unseen, let go of control, allow yourself to feel, trust God’s intentions and make God smile.

See our book: When Heaven Seems Silent

  1. Healing of a person’s relationship with others:

We seek to be a hand through which Jesus can heal the broken hearted and set the captive free. We listen to the Holy Spirit as we are listening to the person and then pray in agreement about what we are being shown. We often find that the obstacles that hinder include: unforgiveness, ungodly judgements, generational sin, soul ties, attachments and unrenounced inner vows.

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  1. Healing of the church:

We seek to be a hand through which Jesus can make us ready for revival in the church. We listen to the Holy Spirit as we pray for our hearts, as believers, to have the capacity to wait on and trust in God’s timing as He prepares the hearts of unbelievers to receive the revelation that comes through the manifestation of miracles.

Our twenty plus years of training and experience have taught us how to love people where they are and then lead them to a place of healing and freedom—in the heart of God.