Available for Speaking at Events

Mark and Tammy Endres are licensed teachers and experienced public speakers. Mark has preached in local churches in the United States and in churches and conferences around the world. Tammy has been a speaker at women’s retreats, training seminars, and many home Bible studies over the past 25 years.

They engage people in a way that promotes interaction: first by teaching, then by modeling how to pray for others and finally by coaching attendees as they pray for each other. Their approach is comfortable, casual and effective. Hand of Jesus is a healing ministry and when invited to speak Mark and Tammy teach on inner healing and physical healing. People will find that they are more capable and confident when ministering to others as they apply the practical steps taught and modeled.

There is a unique aspect to having Mark and Tammy speak at your event. They are content to lay down their agenda and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. They desire to create an environment where each person encounters a touch from God in a personal way. This means that things may not always go precisely as planned. But there is no question about it, when God is in charge amazing things happen! And, if people are willing to take a risk and jump into what God is doing, they will be more than casual observers—God will use those attending to minister to others! Each person may find himself giving and receiving, all in the same session.

If you would like to invite Mark & Tammy to speak at your church or ministry event, please select INVITE and complete the ministry invitation form. They will prayerfully consider your invitation after receiving your request.