Moral standards often dictate how we react to situations

How to Honor your Father & MotherBut is honoring your father and mother simply the “right thing” to do and nothing more? God exhorts us to honor our parents, and he values it so much that He included it in the Ten Commandments!

He attaches a promise to this Commandment — that you “may live long” and that “it may go well with you” in the land He has given you. Honoring your father and mother may not be easy. That’s why we put together this FREE guide on the importance of following this Commandment.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of honoring your father and mother.
  • How to honor your parents in spite of their unjust behavior.
  • How prayer is a guide for honoring.
  • Five steps to honoring your parents.

Download this free guide to learn the importance of honoring your father and mother and how God, in fact, will honor you for your devotion to Him.

Honor Father and Mother eBook

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