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Couple Problems

Would I Be Happier with Someone Else?

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Do I keep my gift or return it?

It’s really not the right size. It would look better in a different color. The thought was nice, but I already have so many of those. I had something else in mind. I guess I didn’t communicate well enough. No offense will be taken–will it?

Do I keep my gift or return it? Urghh!! So much pressure!

The Decision.

Ok—I’m going to return it. Do I have the receipt? What’s the return policy? Am I within the time limit? If I go before work the lines won’t be as long. The store opens early tomorrow for returns—doesn’t it? It snowed last night but I’m sure they have plowed the parking lot.


Christmas Depression

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Merry Christmas or Miserable Christmas?

Happy Holidays or Hopeless Holidays?

It’s no secret that the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, can be some of the most painful and depressing days of the year. Things are sparkly and happy all around us and

we imagine that good things and peace fills every life, except ours.

Yes sir, Christmas Depression is real. And don’t get me started on those Christmas commercials! Do actors really look like that when they get up in the morning? The fake snow isn’t cold or wet. Noses aren’t runny, skin is not dry and food is not burnt. No one is shown having to tell a child, “We can’t afford that” or “I know it hurts that Daddy isn’t here because he’s with his new family.”

Questions You May be Asking…


Am I a Hypocrite?

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Am I a Hypocrite?

To answer this question, you must first be honest with yourself.

So you want to forgive someone – but you honestly don’t FEEL forgiving.

Good start — it’s important to be honest with yourself!

But here’s the deal—you can honestly admit that you don’t feel forgiving and still make the conscious decision to forgive.

In other words—you are not a hypocrite by forgiving someone even if you’re still feeling angry and/or hurt.

Here’s the key…READ LETTER

I Forgive You Now What?

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“I forgive you now what? It did no good, I don’t feel better, and I still get angry – now what?”

Even if anger rears its ugly head again, don’t think that forgiving doesn’t work. If you have forgiven someone, then you have done a great thing.

Forgiving accomplishes much:

  • it changes the atmosphere,
  • it clears the air,
  • it opens doors to positive change,
  • it establishes hope.

So here’s where we get confused.


Breaking Free from Past

I Try to Change – So Why Can’t I?

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Unable to break free from your past?

Perhaps, even since a young child you have been locked into patterns of behavior and find yourself unable to break free from them. You are able to hang on or let go for a while, but eventually you are back in the same rut.

There are times when we make every attempt to change only to find ourselves stuck in a vicious cycle of repeating the same unhealthy patterns and responses over and over again.