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Would I Be Happier with Someone Else?

Couple Problems

Do I keep my gift or return it?

It’s really not the right size. It would look better in a different color. The thought was nice, but I already have so many of those. I had something else in mind. I guess I didn’t communicate well enough. No offense will be taken–will it?

Do I keep my gift or return it? Urghh!! So much pressure!

The Decision.

Ok—I’m going to return it. Do I have the receipt? What’s the return policy? Am I within the time limit? If I go before work the lines won’t be as long. The store opens early tomorrow for returns—doesn’t it? It snowed last night but I’m sure they have plowed the parking lot.

Urghh!! So much pressure!

What a break – I pulled right in, a prime parking spot right next to the front doors. The store was prepared. They had a separate counter ready to assist customers like me. They asked if the item was damaged – “No, I just decided against it.” It didn’t take more than 10 minutes and I got a full refund!

Now I can get what I really want. So Easy!! NO pressure!

Things are dispensable and easily replaced. No foul—no harm.

But here’s the problem… this mindset can carry over from things to people.

Would I Be Happier with Someone Else?

To often we treat those closest to us just like returning our gifts. With no guilt, we feel entitled to allow ourselves to:

  • Change our minds
  • Accept and reject
  • Ignore the effects of our actions
  • Return in hopes of a better model

It can all sound like this:

  • I know I forgave you, but I’m still disappointed.
  • I only forgave you because I felt obligated and now I realize I want someone else.
  • I don’t accept your apology—I have other plans and I don’t want to reconcile.
  • I want to exchange you for someone who fits better. Turns out you’re not what I had in mind.

Before you make the judgment that what you have now is not what you really want…

Before you decide to trade in your relationship in hopes of greener pasture…

Before you try to answer the question: Would I be happier with someone else…

You are likely judging more than you realize and your judgments are playing a huge part in your dissatisfaction. Click this button and read on. DIG DEEPER

Oh yes—and HAPPY NEW YEAR! As you pursue the healing of your heart, you will find yourself more filled with peace, joy and hope in 2015 than you’ve ever known.