From Unspoken to Unbroken: A Story of Hope – A Study of Healing


Author: Tammy Endres

When we keep our hurts, struggles, doubts and fears secret or Unspoken we live in a dark and lonely place, separated from God and from one another. But there is a journey awaiting you in the following pages that can bring you out of darkness and into clarity. This journey will require a choice of your will to pursue. It offers provision for hope and change. No one else can take this journey for you. You can be brought out of the loneliness and become Unbroken. From Unspoken to Unbroken: A Story of Hope – A Study of Healing begins with the story of a fictional couple named Caleb and Sahara. In Part 1, you will access their private thoughts and come to know each of them in ways that they do not yet know one another. While your issues and circumstances may differ from Caleb’s and Sahara’s, you will be able to relate to the thoughts they have when battling shame over behaviors they can’t change, pain from childhood memories, fear of being trapped in a lonely marriage, and anger over feeling misunderstood. In Part 2, you will eavesdrop on their words as they endeavor to discover themselves and one another. You will join them as the Spirit of God reveals emotions they didn’t know they felt and beliefs they didn’t know they held. Likely, you will see yourself in them.

When Heaven Seems Silent: How to Wait on God’s Promises Through Pain, Disappointment, and Doubt


Author: Mark and Tammy Endres

We know God’s plans and timing are perfect—but what do we do in the meantime?

Why does God make us wait, knowing it can be so difficult? Why doesn’t He act when time seems to be running out? Why does He answer some prayers in a moment and yet fulfill other promises after having us wait days, years, or even decades before the promise comes to pass

Mark and Tammy Endres have asked these questions and more. Though Mark was born with only one functioning hand, God has told them—again and again—that His plan is for complete healing. In When Heaven Seems Silent they share the lessons they have learned as they wait—lessons that have forever changed their perspective of God and how He works in the lives of His children.

Real Revival: From Roots to Fruits


Author: Mark Endres

If we would just have REAL REVIVAL! – Perhaps you have heard this statement. Perhaps you have made this statement. Perhaps you have led devotionals or preached messages related to this statement.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. According to this scripture God, our heavenly Father, is well aware that hope postponed or delayed has the potential to make us emotionally ill. However, the less quoted 2nd part of this verse reveals God’s goodness.

He is encouraging us to pursue the successful fulfillment of the longing that He has placed in our hearts. He wants us to experience the very life that grows out of having a desire realized or apprehended. So what does all this have to do with revival? EVERYTHING. You see, He also wants us revived. He too has a longing that He desires to be fulfilled and achieved.

If you are longing to join forces with God and participate in His desire for a Great Awakening, a by-product of revival, then I pray that this writing encourages and strengthens your faith. I want to write to those who seek to give the proper RESPONSE toward and be RESPONSIBLE with revival.

It takes both a “revived” person and a “revived” people to authentically represent and offer the fruits of revival. But these fruits of revival should not be confused with the roots of revival!

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